Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ModaMia Fashions

So I was lucky enough to talk to Shania Empathy which is the owner of ModaMia. She was such a sweet heart. As I was talking to her she was telling me of a new design she came out. So of course I was curious to as what it was. So she sent me some of the designs and I have to say WOW. They are breathing taking and for the bold. people out there. I myself is not bold but I must say I would even wear these outfits. They are a simple mini skirt that is mesh with a sexy top that has different sayings. What really makes these outfit pop is adding your own dark makeup to match them, Like I have. If you havent then you must make a trip over to ModaMia and snatch these outfits up. Make sure you also take a look around you will never know what you will find there.

ModiaMia Fashions

Today while I was at ModiaMia Fashions I came upon a lot of nice outfits for people with lolas. They pick from mesh clothes to bikinis to underwear. I happen to buy a few to show you what they look like and how wonderful they were made. The first two pics is a simple poka dot white bikini. As you can see looks wonderful with and without lolas. Below them is a item called Blue Jem panties and undies. It is quite a lovely Set. As I get more of ModiaMia Clothes I will be sure to post more pics to show you the lovely work she has to put into the outfits

Monday, July 29, 2013

This outfit comes froms ModaMia Fashions. I have to say it is such a lovely outfit. It is called ModiaMia Summer Dreams outfit and only costs 199L. It is well worth it. The dress its self is a flower design with a bit of lace on the skirt. It is a wonderful dress to take lovely pics in. The dress includes a Lolas tango applier for all them lolas lovers out there. I posted a pic with the lolas and without as its lovely on either. This is definite a must buy for ModaMia Fashions

KaTnipZ Wonderland

I just saw this as a notice in one of my many groups. If you haven't checked out this store then you must check it out now. It has just open the sales room and you cant not beat 50l or less outfits. I know I couldnt. There will be several designers there for you to check out. If you click the link below it will give you the lm for the store.

KatnipZ Wonderland

Tango Stores too so don't miss out!

My first Blog

Smiles softly. Hello everyone! This is my very first blog. I am going to tell you a little about myself and this blog. I am a 27yr old female with one child. I love to play on Second Life. Which is why I have made this blog. Over my time in the sl life I have came to love lots of clothes and have tried on many version of clothes. With this blog I will be showing you the outfit I have fallen to love and where to get them. I will also be posting about different events and hunts I have stumble upon. I am sure my blog will be seen by many and that is great with me. If you need to contact me in world my sl name is iidreamrii resident. Do not be afraid to i'm me. I promise I do not bite well not hard anway.