Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Days To Halloween!

With only two days to halloween I have decided to figure out what I wanted to be for halloween. However I have not figured it out yet so that leaves me undecided at the moment haha. With that said I do have some interesting things to post. I have two outfits, new skin, new tattoo and more to show you all! Shall we get started!

Outfit One:


 What I am wearing:

Impose Sassy Outfit Pink:
    Sassy baggy pants and Sassy Top
Letis Tattoo :: Inermis ::
.:EMO-tions:. * ALYSSA *
For a TP to Emotions Click here
7 Deadly s{K}ins - GROUP november cleavage
For a TP to Ikon Click here
Slink high Feet
Slink Casual Hands
.:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliners 
Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring


Impose Cleft Bike with color Changer

 Outfit Two:

What I am wearing:

VIP Creations Death Girl Nina De La Muerte:
Mesh Clothes(5sizes)
Mesh Boots
Black Scull rose Hair
Tattoo Face Flower with lips

Not wearing but included:

Skull Necklace
Red Eyes
Gothic Female Skin
Brow(3 versions)

Also Wearing:

7 Deadly s{K}ins - GROUP november cleavage
EarthStone Romance Set
Ikon hope eyes Denim
Slink high Feet
Slink Casual Hands
Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring
Letis Tattoo :: Inermis ::  

^Links above under outfit one^


Image Essentials Photo Studio

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I dance through the night...

I have dance through the night till I fallen asleep. Once asleep I see little swans swimming in the blue lake. I slowly walk over to the lake and take a sit by the only tree and that is when I began to hear the lovely music of swan lake...

What I am wearing: 

purple candy my swan complete outfit with appliers: 
Swan shirt and skirt
  Swan ballet flats
    Swan Blue Makeup
    Swan stockings
purple candy luck ring blue
Impose Sacrel Wings Pastel White(rare)  

Pink Acid Starship lipstick blue

7deadly s{k}ins halloween girl v1

exquisite loves blush engagement ring

 Earthstones romance set 

Ikon hope eyes Denim

Exxess indra light brown

glamorize onyx eyeliner 2

Slink hands casual


 Sinful Pleasures All Male revue grand opening

Date and Time TBA!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Save a horse Ride a CowGirl!

Hello everyone its me again! As the fall season comes about notice the leaf changing colors and the cooler air and of course the apple festivals and you know who loves apples? Horses of course! So today blog is for all you cowgirls out there or cowboys if you like! I hope you like it!




What I am wearing VIPs Creations:

VIPs Creation Cowgirl Outfit w/ lolas applier:
Dark brown leather boots
Red Plaid shirt
Red Lip gloss
Cowboy Pants 2 with Jeans
Belt for holsters
holster right and left leg
Brown leather bra and thongs
Leather Cowboy Hat

Extras: Dancing cow, blonde hair braids,  riding crop and revolver for hands and face light

What I am wearing non VIPs Creations:

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Freckled Cleavage - Color Caramel
IKON Hope Eyes - Denim (S)
eXxEsS : INDRA Light Brown
Slink Casual Hands
A:S:S deLuxe - Monroe piercing
Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring
Earthstone Romance set


SN~ Indian Princess 1


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trick Or Treat countdown 12 days to go!

I have to apologize to everyone! I haven;t been on for a little over a week for real life reasons which involves new college terms. I can say though that I got a lot of interesting things to share with you so make sure you keep an eye out below to see what they are! Going to start off with this weeks outfits which will be three different themes and styles! Shall we see what they are haha!


Outfit One:

Impose Diva Plain Outfit
Exxess: Indra light brown hair

A:S:S delxe monroe piercing

Slink Causal Hands and High Feet

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Freckled Cleavage - Color Caramel

Earthstones Romance set

Exquisite Love engagement

Ikon Hope Eyes Denim
Slink Body

Outfit Two:

Impose Set Sail Cotton Candy
Exxess: Indra light brown hair

A:S:S delxe monroe piercing

Slink Causal Hands and High Feet

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Freckled Cleavage - Color Caramel

Earthstones Romance set

Exquisite Love engagement

Ikon Hope Eyes Denim
Slink Body

Outfit One:

Purple Candy: Its halloween Group gift w/ appliers

Exxess: Indra light brown hair

A:S:S delxe monroe piercing

Slink Causal Hands and High Feet

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Freckled Cleavage - Color Caramel

Earthstones Romance set

Exquisite Love engagement

Ikon Hope Eyes Denim





Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you ready for halloween?

              Today has been a wonderful day for me. I passed my two classes this term and couldn't be no happier. On top of that I get to blog some awesome skins and clothes with my future husband on SL. Now what girl wouldn't love taking pictures with their love ones haha.  So lets get to the skins and the outfits shall we! 

7Deadly Skins

7deadly skins has released a new DROW storm line for guys with 6 version, 2 of them being rare.    Which can all be found at the store. They also released some girls skin as well. They are Suicide dolls DELAYLA, Feebs Sacha and Boho Malena 2 versions. All of these can be found at the store which I linked below or by clicking on them.  There are several events happening! They include BOHO Event,  Body Modification sneak, Krave Inc Gacha event preview, Tales of Fantasy, The Beauty Pageant Halloween event and much more! Just keep an eye out on my  blog!   

          VIPs Creations 

Vip creations is an awesome place if you haven't been there than YOU should def go check it out. They have tons of sexy halloween outfits or just everyday outfits if your into roleplay. I blogged the nurse one yesterday and today I am going to show you the sexy pirate. All outfits have Tango appliers so no worries for the bigger boob girls!                  

What he is wearing:

Velg'larn Drow Assassin Outfit (male) kilt (with feathers)
Velg'Larn Drow Assassin Outfit (male) Pants
Velg'Larn Drow Assassin Outfit (Male) pants(underpants Layer)
Dark elf Warrior (Male) - Base Hair
Dark Elf Warrior (male) -eyes
Dark Elf Warrior (Male) - Shape
Dark Elf Warrior (male) - Chest
Verderben Holster Final SF
Verderben Unholster Final SF
CrM-EE_Ice Spirit Left         
Djinn Beard Black
Envi lip and brow peircing
7Deadly s{K}ins Drow Storm v6 Rare

What I am Wearing:

White top
black lace bra and lace string
Pirate Skirt
Pirate hat
pirate sword
Black boots
Necklace Knife pirate

What I am wearing non VIP:

 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BOHO Malena V2 Cleavage 
EarthStones Romance Set
A:S:S deLuxe - Monroe piercing
eXxEsS : INDRA Light Brown
Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring 
.:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliners v2
IKON Hope Eyes- Denim
Slink Hands Casual

Monday, October 6, 2014

Where are my patients at now?

Today blog is brought to you by all the nurses out there! During the halloween time I See tons of people who dresses up like nurses or doctors everywhere, which is wonderful but lets not forget the actual nurses and doctors out there that save our life. With that being said I was lucky enough to blog an early halloween costume thanks to *VIP* creations and I have to say wow! Not only does this outfit make you look hot but you will have everyone wanting to be treated by you! So lets get onto the outfits shall we!


What I am wearing:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Freckled Cleavage - Color Caramel
Hair: eXxEsS- INDRA Light Brown

Mesh nurse outfit + Uniform Includes:

Glasses 2 versions
Hair styles onyx and platinum
Nurses hat
Prim Eye lashes
Red lip and lip gloss
Mesh Dress in 5Sizes
Lolas Appliers

The outfit is from the line of Halloween costumes from *VIP* Creations

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Itsy Bitsy Spider....

The Itsy Bitsy spider crawled 
through the dirty route. Down came the girl and 
the spider sought her out. Out came the blood which 
spurted out in strands. And the Itsy Bitsy spider 
discovered something grand...



What I am Wearing:

Tutys Black spider(Free in MP)
7 Deadly s{K}ins: Halloween V1
Impose: Prom night twisted webs
Exquisite: Love blush engagement ring
Exxess: Indra light brown hair
Ikon: Hope Eyes Denim
Glamorize: Onyx eyeliners
Slink Feet and Hands

Photo taken at:

Image Essentials: Castle Ruins Graveyard

Extra Extra Read All About It:

I am officially Engaged on SL to a wonderful guy. He has shown me that not every guy on SL is a complete asshole! I can not wait till the day I will be Mrs. Roseblood! Till than here are some pictures I did for the engagement announcement! HAHA Dont mind his ear, he had some problems with it lol.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Falling Into Fall!

With it being October 2st I thought it would be a great day to do a blog. I title this blog Falling into fall because honestly thats how I felt with the season change because I didn't even think we had a summer. Anyway not going to ramble on about the seasons because I could do that all day and well honestly where will that leave us lol. So today's blog will be combine with two of my favorite stores. 7Deadly S{K}ins and purple creation! So lets get on with the pictures shall we hahaha.

What I am wearing:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Gacha Morane V1 ULTRA RARE
Hair: >TRUTH< Jade - caramel
outfit: ::Purple Candy::Yoly Red
Jewelry:EarthStones Romance set and A:S:S deLuxe - Monroe piercing
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Denim
Slink hands and feets

Links to get what I am wearing:

Skin: Click Here
Outfit: Click Here

Extra Extra:

Lumipro Hud
5 prim Autumn Set from Lilian Laville Product