Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner.........

There is a bunch of New releases we have been working on hope you all enjoy!!

Heavy Metal Outfit Comes in either silver or gold Has Mesh Pants Perfect For High heals, Tango Applier Inc.. , Earrings, Necjklace, Belly Ring and Half Boots all Custom made inc..

 Halloween Outfits!!

 Body Suit, Tango & Phat azz, Thong, Earrings, Bangles & Boots Inc..

 Mesh Dress Skulls, Skull Necklace, Earrings, Mesh Stockings & Heals Inc.. Tango

Leather & lace Corset & Panties, Tango, Head Piece, Arm Flexes, Pumpkin Skirt, Boots, Earrings, necklace & Wings All Inc.. All Custom

 Bring it On Comes with Camo Overalls, Tango & Phat azz, Dog Tag Necklace, earrings,  Belly Ring, Leg band W/ Knife, Helmet & Boots


          Sexy and Cute Outfits

Super Sexy Flexy Comes with tango Applier, Phat Azz, Earrings, Necklace Belly Ring & Sandles

There is a bunch of New releases we have been working on hope you all enjoy!! Don't Forget to Hit MM Board and Pick Up the 99L Weekly Special FatPack Princess Corsets 7 tops in bag! By MM Board
New Release Pictures in NC & All these New Releases Up Front of Store!

Monday, October 7, 2013

More releases from MODAMIA!!!!

Hello Everyone 2 New Releases Lock Me Up 6 colors Tango Appliers, Phat Azz, Necklace, Earrings & Boots Inc along with a Beautiful Cocktail Dress in Ruby & Purple Tango & Phat Azz Appliers Inc.. Also Pearl & Diamond Necklace & earring and Custom Shoes.......these are words from Shania herself hehehe.


You heard me right ModaMia has came out with a new line of clothes and I have to say they are supper sexy. 5/8 outfits has phat azz appliers and all have lolas appliers. Of course I have the pictures to show you. The guy in my pictures is my new husband i just had to show him off to everyone hehehe which is why he is in my new pics. Love you all and here are the pictures.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Afternoon all you lovely people out there. SO i have so much to tell you all lol. First off let me tell you about the hunts and coming soon then i have a big surpise for you all hehehe. ModaMia/heart & Soul have some hunts coming up or has already started and they have a new coming soon.

The first thing im going to tell you about is the hunt. This hunt is held dearly to the modamia/ heart & soul family. The hunt is called Hunt for a cure which is a charity hunt for breast cancer. all stores will be giving a proceed to this Charity including ModaMia. The item you search for is a pink ribbon and does cost 10l. It is well worth it though. Here is a link to the other stores as well.  I know you guys know i already bought the outfits from Moda and cant wait to show you all so let me post it for you hehe.


With that said there is also a coming soon. Here is the info for it:

Introducing the new BIG BOOBIE BIZARRE! A place where you can get the latest in fashion from some of the busty industries top designers!

Come to BBB for FREEBIES, Gacha, Midnight Madness and Lucky Prize Chair! While you're here take a look at the awesome fashions for busty girls from some of the top Big Boobie designers in SL. 

Join our V.I.P. Group and stay up to date on all new and rare exclusive items!

ModaMia/Heart & Soul will be in this. I do not know what they are putting in it but i can tell you what ever it is its probably supper hot.


I am getting married on Oct 5, 2013 to the guy of my life. With that being said we are going on a honeymoon so my blog might be pushed back but dont worry I love you guys and wont stay away to long giggles. here is a pic of me and him :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Cirque Du Freak Hunt

Hi all you lovely people. Halloween is coming up which mean the hunts are going to be Halloween theme giggles. We all you know you love Halloween like I do. The Cirque Du Freak Hunt begins today and runs till Oct 31st. The starting point is here. This hunt is a 5l hunt. For all hints and locations you can check out Katnipz Blog which is here: I have not done the hunt yet but I do have a picture of one of the hunt items. Of course its from ModaMia/Heart & Soul  hehehe. This outfit is called Ring Master. It has a dark but fun feel to it. The outfit includes Boots, jewelry, lolas applier, hat, skirt, skull cane and face makeup. Please note the pic i post is a little dark but I was having fun taking the pics. If you wanted a better pic then please visit Katnips Blog that is above. ok ok ok I will get to the picture now lmao.

While I got you attention there is another hunt coming soon:
You've Been Tangoed Halloween Hunt
Oct 14th - Nov 3rd Dates
(General, Mature and Adult sims)
I do not what the outfit will be for this hunt but im sure it will be hot ;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Releases From ModaMia

Here a a bunch of fun and sexy dresses, Gold & Silver Suits & Cozy and Totally Fun Complete Oufit ALL outfits that will be shown in this NC are Tango & Have 2 Layers of Phat Azz Appliers! They are all located at click here While your there make sure you check out the 2 stories now mens & Gowns Upstairs Teleporter right in front of desk when you walk in store. Of course I have pictures for all you lovely people to see :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots of Exciting Things :)


This NC may become very long but please read there are some really amazing things going on now and some amazing things to come I will try and make it short & sweet but you know me I love to go on and on lol!

First we released 2 new dresses last night both with tango appliers and both with Phat Azz applier Here is  these are of me ;)

Second- Please if you have a Phat Azz I have put many applier in a lot of older releases Plus there are 3 25L promo dresses up front by the new Underwear Layer front tattoos for Phat Azz Lovers:)
All the Tattoos that are out for phat Azz are also in our Gatcha Machine for non fat azz ladies!

Third- we added Gatcha Machine we made many items from, sayings tops to all kinds of jewelry and tattoos so come play Gatcha all Items are no Copy Trans so if you get 2 of the same you can give it to a friend!

Forth- NEW NEW Release area had to make it bigger because we have a lot of new releases coming out this area is Located to the right when you walk in by all the new new new signs!

Fifth- We went up to a 2 story store the TP right in front of desk will tele you any were u need to go, even to the clearance area, OH added Mens still putting items out. ALL GOWNS ARE UPSTAIRS AND CHECK OUT OUR NEW RUNWAY NICH MADE FOR FUTURE FASHION SHOWS!

Sixth- If you have not noticed MM was moved to the New lounge in Middle of store with tons of freebies for all plus freebies for group members only!

Seventh- MODAMIA/HEART & SOULS SIM WIDE MAD SQUIRREL HUNT- Yes we have gone MAD but we are so excited to be able to do this fun hunt starting OCT 15TH to OCT 31st so many custom gifts & outfits going to be hidden and featured ONLY in this hunt!

Eighth-  CHEST TREASURES MALL HUNT STARTING TOMORROW- all stores will have a treasure chest and hidden inside there stores lots of fun, sexy and creative gifts for all of you! Here is a preview of My gift
 Here is LM to starting location Along with the oufit picture. please note this is not me :)

Check out The 2 Story ModaMia Store @ Chest Treasures mall

Ninth- Bewbapalooza Going on now so get your butts over there and check out all the new stuff here is pics of my items and LM once again these pics are not of me lol

Tenth- :mused: Hunt for the Cure hunt- Please Please participate in this hunt it is a 10 L hunt but all the proceeds go to help finding the cure for breast cancer this hits home to me so I ask you when the hunt starts to come and join us in the fight, I have made 3 outfits for all of you to enjoy for only 10L u can make a difference Here are the pics of items in store and all info about the Hunt - ALL INFO AT THIS WEBSITE

Eleventh-Cirque du freak Instructions- 5 L hunt and so much imagination
Begin: September 30th
End: October 31st
Hosted By- Kralicecik Dufaux
Check Out ModaMia's Store @ Katznip Wonderland􀀋

Twelve- Hunt For The Inner Slut-  Stars November 15 - December 15, 2013

Feel free to join us!  Here's ways to follow the hunt!:
Group: secondlife:///app/group/49e20bf5-764c-f004-6d93-003832988ba6/about .

Thirteen- COSMOPOLITAN SHOW ROOM- This show room is going on Now everything 70L or under HERE ISTHE INFO:
 Hello everybody!!


Over 60 Top SL designers set their quality items & Exclusives @ Cosmo Sale Room for Him and Her, your home and blogging needs. Im sure you will find something for yourself !!! 
All items are at a DISCOUNT for just this 2 weeks  so hurry over and grab what we have to offer before the new items replaces it 29th September !
you can follow us on FB


Or join the SUBSCRIBER (outside by the door) to stay informed! No group slot needed!

You can like us on Facebook too and follow our events and news

/ \   .....  come to...

Happy Shopping!

Facebok group
NEW!!! Flickr

Check Out ModaMia's Store @ SLebrity City- Teleport

ALSO SO EXCITED--Cosmopolitan sale room is about to turn year..We will celebrate it with Hunt-􀀐

 ♡ •·.·´(o Y o)`·.·• ☮ BEWBSTOCK ☮ •·.·´(o Y o)`·.·• ♡
            3 Weeks of Peace ☮, Love ♡ & Bewbs (o Y o)
                        October 18th - November 8th
1 Hundred
American Bazaar
Barely Legal Couture
Sugar & Cyanide

•Participating Stores•
7 Deadly s{K}ins
Alternative Silhouettes
D&G Fashions
Dirty Princess
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins
Hard Candy
Infiniti Poses
Mimi's Boutique
Owl Toast
Pink Sugah
Purple Candy
Que Bella
Rachel Swallows Creations
Suicide Gurls
Tekila Candy
Touch Mia
Virtual Attire
White Widow
Wow Skins


Bewbstock will be a three week event all about the BEWBS! (boobs for those that don't speak Emmikins XD) The fair itself will be decorated in the theme of a hippie music festival, but items of all styles and tastes will be available. The event is 'inspired' by Woodstock, not an actual representation. So get ready for three weeks of awesome shopping that includes clothing, tattoos, skins and more!

A subscriber for the event will be setup in the [QE] Mainstore by 9/17/13 so be sure to swing by and slap it to keep informed on any changes or updates to the festival :D   􀀓

Start saving those lindens ladies, or better yet, steal the old man's wallet because this is an event not to be missed ;p

Emmins13 Sygall- Owner/Organizer
Manda Schmooz- Second In Command
Sashakitteh Wildrose- Blogging Manager


Last But Not least if you have not fallen asleep yet reading all this I would love to thank all of ModaMia's New Partners & Staff
Co- Designer Nichelline
ModaMia Manager- Luminita Ruxandra
ModaMia Bloggers- Kristen BlackHeart, Izzy Willow. aashiraa

Hugs and a Ton of Kisses, Shania & Nichelline & Staff

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Release and New Hunt Info

ModaMia has came out with two new outfits. However I already showed you one and Now going to show you the other outfit. This Cute and Cozy Outfit can be for Everyday wear or even a New Expecting Mommy to be Tango Mesh Outfit, Comes with Stockings Too. << Said from Shania herself. It comes in two colors pink and purple and just so cute.

But that is not all. ModaMia will be doing a sim wide hunt. 
(Sim Wide Hunt sponsored by ModaMia and Heart & Soul)
Items 5L each
Organizer  Shania Empathy & Nichelline Resident

We’ve all gone nuts over here at ModaMia and Heart & come and find us! The Mad Squirrel Hunt will offer several outfits with tango and Phat Azz applicators, amazing jewelry, nails, face tattoos, shoes, hats and so much more!  All items are only 5L.  No hints will be given but we assure you the acorns are not very hard to find… even a blind squirrel will be able to find them but be careful we do have some rotten nuts laying around..*giggles*

Happy hunting!!!

Here is a peak at one of our outfits
- Top hat, earrings, necklace, bracelets, nails & rings, Long  & short Skirt with top (with or without tango applicators), shoes and face makeup

The lady In the pic is not me but Nichelline Herself. As I find out more info about this Hunt I will let you all know. xoxoxox Kristen

ModaMia Phat Azz Appliers

Ok This is How it will work, I am going around the entire store I am placing pant & Underpants Appliers in outfits that will be able to be worn with Phat Azz.

If the outfit can't be worn without the bottom the applers are 25L
If the Bottom has pant and underpants it will be 50L
If you can wear the Bottoms Jeans, Jean Shorts, Skirts Exc... will be 50 to 99L

I am still going around store I just wanted to make sure if you either had the outfit and got Phat Azz you could come and get the applier, If you don't have the outfit you can get the Applier to wear with it.

You will see the outfits I have done so far with a ModaMia Phat Azz Appler Sign


All outfits that can be made Phat Azz will be and Also Still have the Tango Applier

So Enjoy Come Check what I have so far and just know I will have all items that can be Phat Azz Done ASAP.
Any Questions feel free to ask me! Hugs Shania

Oh and I love my Phat Azz lol

This is From Shania herself. Once I get more info on the new outfits I will def let you all know ;) but for now that is what she has to say hehe

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Coming Soon To ModaMia

Afternoon everyone. Lastnight I was privallage enough to spend some time with Shania, Ricky and Nichelline  and it was a blast. I can honestly say I never laguhed so much then i did Lastnight. When I was at ModaMia I notice the females wearing a new outfit and of course I had to asked back it...Here it is a coming soon outfit for ModaMia. It is a Knit Sweater dress with Jean legging and Very Sexy boots. It will come in a variety of colors from white to brown to bordo. It is a very sexy dress and perfect for them fall pictures :). Of course I was able to get the outfits and take photos just for you all to see.

But other then checking out the new dresses she has created we were having a wonderful time talking about squirrels and just goofing around. I have a surpise for you all. Lastnight I snapped a picture of ricky myself and shania that you will all love more then I do.

Although she is a great designer she still needs to have fun ;). Love you Shania But I had to share this with everyone lol.

Your Ride is here!

Friday, September 13, 2013

ModaMia/ Heart & Soul Gotchas

If you have not been to ModaMia, Hop on over now!....They spent 24hours working on a special corner for special Gotchas. Thats right who doesnt love Gotchas...I know I do.

I know you cant see the pictures But I got the textures to show you. The first three are tee shirts Made by Shania herself. They are very cute saying shirts. The last three are a mix of tattoos and Jewerly made by Nichelline. They worked on the for 24hours and I am impressed hehe. 

OOOO thats right they are cost 25L so snatch them up now ;)!!!

On a different note send anything squirrel to Shania as she is in love with them really she is!

Shhh I didnt say anything about ^^ lmao.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heat & Soul/ ModaMia

They have done it again but this time as A team. Nichelline and Shania had made 3wonderful Nail sets that include rings and Bracelets. The best party is they come with a hud that has 30 nail textures. I know right how cool is that. They are brand new and can be found at modamia right at front. They are 150l a set but so well worth it. And of course you know i have the pictures of them ;).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am BACK!!

Ok took a short break from sl and the I had let my internet go off...But with that said I am back and I am better then ever. First off ModaMia has done it are the exacts words from Shania herself "Here are the Pictures of the Poised Elegance Gown and everything that comes with it! 4 Colors to choose from and all the sparkling Jewelry to accent it and Shoes All Custom Done! Originals so We Hope you enjoy this gown and much as we do!! I just want to say How Honored I am to work with one of the most amazing., creative designers ty Nich for being the best thing that has happened to ModaMia!" Which means she has a new dresses out and they are hot hot. I have the pictures to show you ;)

Second thing today is 9/11 and I would like to say thank you to all the soliders that have fought for our freedom. Although its many years since 9/11 we will never forget the lifes lost or the towers. God Bless you all

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bazoomba's Halloween Contest

All you have to do is get your sexy costume on photograph it and we are going to try and get as many people in magazine this issue as we can! its Halloween why not less talk more pics of all you sexy ladies Implant or Not lets just have fun with this issue and be creative! Hugs you all and hopes you will join us in this contest to be in BaZoomba's Magazine! Come get your board and u can put pics up later just pay the 50L no higher here

I am already on the board by myself...really would like some competition :) so hurry up and get on that board.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Alice in boobieland Sim wide Hunt

We hope you brought fun but also patience to do this hunt. To find all gifts you need to explore our Wonderland, even go into some stores. Look high and low and also behind. But if you have trouble finding the one or other gift I am sure you can find help in our KaTnipZ Events group. What are you looking for? A yellow playing card! All Gifts are hidden on the sim. Some are in the forest, some are in the designers stores. It is your job to follow the hints and find it out. Here are the hunts Hints and Prizes. Your starting point is here. I was lucky enough to do this hunt already. I have taken some of the pics of the some of the items...There are a lot more then what I am about to show you. Also Note I am not going to tell you which item is which...You can figure that out in the hints and prizes.