Friday, August 30, 2013

Luscious Babe Release!!!!

ModaMia Did it again. They have released a new outfit that includes tattoos, jewelry, Shoes Pants and tops. The outfit may look simple but by far it is not. It is hot hot hot. The outfit is tango approved. I was lucky I got all 7colors and I must say I love them. Its nice outfit for the club or just to go out and have fun :). I have pictures as well so be ready to see them hehehe. There is more to come later but im not telling you it till later hahaha

Thursday, August 29, 2013


So first off I would like to say I lost a family member yesterday but as you can see that doesn't stop me from blogging. Although I am upset I learned keeping busy helps. Which is why I am here blogging. ModaMia had a new release yesterday called Boom Boom Boom which is a complete outfit including shoes and Jewelry and I have to say it is breath taking. It does show some skin and areas that will make any guy drop their jaw. It is tango friendly. And of course I have the pictures to show you ;).

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Releases

ModaMia did it again. She has released a new outfit in 5 bright colors. This outfit is good for any girl who wants to have a fun time or for a fun photoshoot. The outfit is a Corset Dress with 5 sizes, Matching earrings and a flexi part to give it that extra zang to it. Was also told that there is a new new release coming out very soon called BOOM BOOM BOOM. Not sure what it is but I am sure it will make your heart go boom boom boom. So keep a eye out here for the new releases as I always have the pictures of them for you ;). Ohhh before I forget these all have tangos :).

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Design

Ok Ok you guys will not guess what is going on today. Ok Ok I will tell you all lol. ModaMia is getting a new store layout. Here are her exact words

 "Things are Moved around MM Boards in Middle of ModaMia where dressing rooms are and so far Look at the amazing new entrance gives a bit of a taste of our new look! Thank you to Nich the sexy lady in the hard hat running around doing this for me and for us so I am organized Hope you will love the new design xox Shania & Nich"

Can you believe it I know I can't. Along with the new store she also released two new outfits. One being called Sweet and Sexy Dress and the other is Baby girl Maternity outfit. Yes she has came out with a Maternity outfit and its to die for. Of course I have the pictures to show you. The maternity outfit is me 9
month pregnant (No I am not but put it on for the outfit). Hope you enjoy them like I do.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Hunts and Releases

Soooo I am back again. There has been some new stuff since I last wrote on here. I know right that was a few days but hey you know people are fast at releasing new items and the start of hunts. So a new hunt started yesterday called the Candy Girl Hunt. It runs August 15th- September 15th. The cost is 5l a prize but let me tell you its well worth it. I only got to do a few stores but the clothing are awesome. Of course one of my favorite stores are in ModaMia. let me tell you the outfit is hot and of course guess who gets to blog it and show it off. Thats right its me lol. The outfit is below. Why I am on the hunt here is the starting area for it. Click Here

But that is not all i have to report today. ModaMia also release a new outfit today. It is a total of 6 outfits and Yes they are tango available. They are a gypsy outfit with nice Pants and a sexy top. This is a outfit I would wear to the beach or some where relaxful. If you haven't been to her store then you must hurry there to grab these outfits up. Of course I got to model in them so check out the picture below:

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Releases

ModaMia did it again....She has came out with two new designs. One being a fancy dress in four lovely colors and then a pretty Cargo set that would make any girl pretty. Don't believe me then look below for yourself on how lovely these outfits are. So you better get your Asses over to her shop and snatch these beauties up :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ModaMia New Releases

Omg so I have to say I went to ModaMia yesterday and guess what She has released some awesome new clothes. She is always coming out with great stuff. On top of that there is a hunt that will start on the 15th and the item she is putting in will no doubt be amazing. I know I will be doing this hunt just for the item hehe. The more Info I know about everything the more I will tell you all...So def keep a eye out here for the latest information about ModaMia

Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9

Sooo its been a week since I have posted and I have to say I am sorry for that. I do have some wonderful updates though. As most people know Today was the Start of the Black Fair. Boy I must say they have so great shops there and great gifts that range from 0l-50l so if you haven't been there then you need to go lol.

Second is today I had another chance to talk with ModaMia and had a intake of some of the new things to come. First Off there is a new contest ModaMia is holding. This is what she had to say

"Hello Ladies This Contest Will be one week long at the end of the week I will choose the best most creative picture in a ModaMia outfit! The outfit does not have to be purchased it can be a MM, Gift, Hunt anything you want! I will be giving the Winner at the end of the week 1000L in gift cards to ModaMia Plus the picture will be featured in BaZoomba's Magazine This Issue coming out!
I want all of you involved in ModaMia & BaZoomba's Because without you we are nothing!
There are ModaMia Logo's All in front you will see them when you land!
Only 50L and you can get 1000L Gift card to ModaMia and a Spot in BaZoomba's Magazine
Come Get your spot before they fill up you can put picture in later
Enjoy the contest xoxo Shania"

Sooo you better get them pics done and worked on and head on over to there. There is also this "Come check out the Midweek 40L sale! Yes 40L each store, So many of your Favorite stores with items you will love and YES Tango stuff so come drop in and I know you will find something you like!!" From Shania as well. I know I know how cool is she. Your all probably wondering where pics are of the new clothes well guess what I have some awesome pics of the clothes. Keep a eye out below for them.

Friday, August 2, 2013

ModaMia KatnipZ Sales Room

ModaMia has made a apperance in the KatnipZ sales room. There are tons of clothes in this room. Everything is less then 99l and I must say they have some awesome clothes. The ones below are from a great store called ModaMia. There are 6 total outfits each one with it own taste and look. They are tango outfits although I dont have mine on. They look just as great as they do with them on.