Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Blog Edition 1

Today is a very exciting day for me. When I logged onto SL I saw a notice that stated 7deadly s{K}ins were looking for new male and female bloggers. Of course being the awesome me I sent my application in right away. Of course I waited most of the day to get any clues if I would be chosen or not. Finally I got a IM saying I was one of the new bloggers and I literally scream because I was so happy. So she send me the blogger folder and got me all setup. This is my very first blog for them. Today I snatch up both the August and September group gifts and I have to say WOW at the detail of them. Look below and you will see what I mean!

August Group Gift

What I am Wearing:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Maartje T1
Hair: TRUTH< Moxie
Outfit: * RaMp Exotic * Beauty in Blue
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Rosebud :
Accessory: Slink casual hand

September Group Gift

What I am Wearing:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Group skin female Sept
Hair: TRUTH< Moxie
Outfit: * RaMp Exotic * Beauty in Blue
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Rosebud :
Accessory: Slink casual hand

Not only did I get the group gifts from 7 Deadly s{K}ins I got to hang out with my SL sister and she as well was wearing 7 Deadly s{K}ins.
She is wearing the limited edition of Patience and boy does she look hot in it. So today have been a wonderful day all around and can't wait to bring more to you from 7 Deadly s{K}ins so please keep checking back as you never know what you will find!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Group Gift I had to show off!

Today *CK* Crazy Kitty & Drezzique  gave out a new VIP group gift that I absolutely feel in love it. I mean I fall in love with a lot of their clothes but this one is perfect with the light colors of pink blue and purple. You can find your tp here  and of course the outfit below I did add my own taste to it though!.

What I am wearing:
Outfit: *CK* Rainbow Candy(vip group gift)
Skin: [HUSH] Victoria - Gloss - Cream(not free)
Hair: Exile::After the Rain Sparkle- Blonde (was a group gift)
Hands: Slink causal
Feet: Slink Feet
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes(Group Gift)
Eyelashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria(MP)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo : HUD Slink Feet : Butterflies Lilies(1L)
Nails: Alyce - Slink Finger Nail Polish 110 colors(MP- 90L)
Dog: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Brown(Gacha- 100L)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wild West Fair

" The Wild West Fair has tough, sweaty cowboys, sexy cowgirls in tight pants and smoking colts in the desert heat. They'll present new lines in denim, checkered, red, blue, brown and black new lines showing how sexy western can be. This story-themed fair is an exciting and great opportunity to present modern fashion in a classic style. The fair starts August 22nd at 11:00am, don't miss it!" Quoted from the description!

Now you may wonder why would I want to go to this Fair well let me tell you! First off this fair is for any cowgirl or cowboy lover! They have everything from boots, cowboy hats, Skins, Hair, Poses and much much more. I was lucky and got to go as soon as they open and before it was super crowded and I got some great deals. The picture below is only a few of the items I got while I was there!

From the fair:
Hair: [RA] Jane Hair
boots: A*S Wild West Boots
dress: Ninety- Country Dress Coffe  Mesh 
SN~ Indian Princess

Non Fair:
Skin: Hush Victoria Gloss- Cream
Hands: Slink Hands
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid light eyes
Eyeliner: *GA* Makeup Eyeliner V2
Necklace: :{MV}: Stygian Necklace Spinel White
Earrings: Motivaction Onxy Earrings
Dog: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Brown

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Black Fair

Today I got to go to the black fair and I must say it was quite interesting. Not only was there tons of great stores but there were tons of great gifts that were set out. I grabbed all of them gifts and had a blast trying them on. How ever the fair ends tomorrow so hurry on down there! The bottom picture is a couple of the items you can get at the black fair 

What I am wearing Non Black Fair:
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella V3
Skin: Hush Victoria Gloss- Cream
Feet: Slink Med Feet
Nails: N-Core Manicure Mesh Nails
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid light eyes
Eyeliner: *GA* Makeup Eyeliner V2

What I am wearing Black Fair Gifts:
Shirt: !TLB Say it tank with Hud
Necklace: :{MV}: Stygian Necklace Spinel White
Earrings: Motivaction Onxy Earrings
Eye Makeup: Pink Acid Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup
Pants: :[P]:- Andromeda leather jeans
Ring: Maxi Gossamer Talia Cluster Ring

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hello everyone, today I got to see a new blog that I absolutely feel in love with. Now you may wonder what that blog is. Well let me tell you! Its called Freebies for Cece! This blog shows you all things freebie or at a very low price. I would suggest that everyone must check her out and follow her! Now to get on with why I am posting today. I have decided to do a more elegant way of post and let you all know the items I am wearing so that you two can get them if you like. Most of the items I will be blogging for now on will be freebies, group gifts, subscriber gifts or just cheap items. So lets get to my first post!

What I am wearing!

Hair:  Exile American woman
Skin: Lara Hurley- Gervaise
Jewelry: Pure Posion- Gaby set
Shoes: L.Warick Umbriel- high strapped heels/ Tanned
Dress: ColdLogic- Anniversary 2013/ Ocean

All these items were either free or group gift! You can click on the color names and it will tp you to the stores that I got that from! I hope you enjoy my new post and can't wait to do more fo you all!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today is a sad day on SL :(

First off let me post the notecard that was sent to everyone!

Hi Everyone I know this kinda sucks been a wonderful 3 years designing and having a main store for everyone, but I am not gonna sugar coat this and say its RL issues it's not!  The world of Fashion when you are a designer now is cut throat and has become politics more than having fun designing, I have cried myself to sleep many nights but also been full of joy when I am able to give you the outfits you love and not over charging you! Everyone should be able to wear mesh parts or bodies and not be over charged! A ton has happened over the last few weeks that made me realize (As much as I love to come on and design) I have lost me while everyone logs on to SL to dance or RP or idk hang with friends I am always trying to keep up and work work work this is what I did to myself nothing you did, Also one thing to other designer I know its hard and you get beat down, cut down one thing Never ever trust anyone other than yourself and even when people say you are no good have faith in your customers and you skills because you all are good in your own way!!! I love all of you dearly some have been with me since my first Tango applier (Thanks Imagica) I never would have learned or been able to go way beyond what I thought I could do in here, Plus you still owe me a coffee lol.  I WILL STILL HAVE A MARKET PLACE AND IT WILL BE UPDATED WEEKLY, AND AS FOR GROUP STAY IN IT FREE GIFTS EVERY WEEK I AM NOT GIVING UP!!! NEVER I JUST NEED TO BE THE SHOPPER, GO OUT AND DANCE, MEET PEOPLE AND LEARN ME AGAIN! PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR CLOSING MY MAIN STORE YOU ALL HAVE BEEN SO LOYAL TO ME AND THANK YOU FOR THAT! BUT INSTEAD OF MM'S I WILL JUST SEND YOU TONS OF GIFT LOL! THIS IS SAD FOR ME BUT ALSO HAPPY I AM ALWAYS GOING TO BE AROUND YOU NEED ME IM ME, YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR BODY OR PART SEND ME NC IF I AM NOT ON I MAY GO TO RL POOL A BIT MORE BUT I WILL GET BACK TO YOU!AGAIN I AM ONLY CLOSING MAIN STORE TODAY AS FOR TIER IS DUE TOMORROW THIS IS NOT A RUSH THING I AM DOING MOST KNOW OF MY SALE 50% OR 50L ALL WEEK LONG IN THE STORE SOME ITEMS IN STORE WILL BE GONE AND NOT ON MARKET SO I AM LEAVING STORE OPEN FOR A FEW MORE HOURS BUT I AM GOING TO LOOK FOR A HOME TO PUT MY SL BABIES AND ALL MY CATS AND A MONKEY TO AGAIN NOT LEAVING SL!!SO PLEASE CELEBRATE MODAMIA WITH ME NOT THINK I AM CLOSING IN WORLD FOR ANY OTHER REASON THAN I HAVE TOLD YOU!TODAY I KNOW MANY OF YOU WILL IM ME PLEASE GIVE ME TIME TO JUST SORT OUT EVERYTHING AND I WILL ANSWER YOU BACK LATER,AGAIN I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR THE HAPPIEST 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE MAYBE FOR THE NEXT YEARS TO COME I CAN ACTUALLY HANG OUT WITH SOME OF YOU!!OK I WILL STOP TYPING ONCE I SEND THIS I KNOW ITS OFFICIAL HUGS AND KISSES AND ALL MY LOVE SHANIA (Proud Owner of ModaMia)

With that being said ModaMia is closing. However it is not forever. With that being said instead of being all sad about ModaMia closing I am going to be happy and show you some of the outfits I got to model for her and the fun we got to have with ModaMia

These are only a few of the hundreds creations Shania has made for everyone! As I said I am going to keep this blog fun and outgoing so let me show you some of the behind the scenes that no one else gets to see

This is clean at the moment...When she is designing she has stuff everywhere! But she has cleaned it up a lot lmao. When she is brain storming it is quite funny and she does get distracted a bit haha not really but it did drive her crazy *wink wink* There really isnt to much of behind the scenes lol. Ok keeping the happy happy. I have asked people from the group of ModaMia to take one last picture and to say sweet things about Shania. Here are the pictures

Now for the what people have to say about Shania!

Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame (chalcedonymao) has at least a thousand soft hugs for Shania.  "You have fun out there, sweetie!"

queensarahjack: Love you Shania

As I get more I will add them here for Shania and everyone else to see them. 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming back after a 1yr Leave

Hello all my lovelies! I know I kinda left off the plant but I had a lot of real life issues I had to deal with. But not wanting to get into much detail back that. Just know I am back and that this blog will be better than ever. First off let me say one thing I am no longer married or have a bf on SL and I plan on keeping it that way as I am completely happy in a rl relationship! Don't worry I can still party and have a good time on sl hahahaha. Lets get to some blogging business lol.


ModaMia what can I say than WOW! you know how to keep a girl busy when she comes back from a 1yr leave haha. Don't worry I sill love you Shania! First off let me say congrats on the new location and store. This place is absolutely beautiful as you can see with the picture below. If you have not been here then hurry on down. Second congrats on reaching 2500 members and growing. That is a huge achievement for any fashion designer on SL.

If you been out of the loop like me than you might not know that there are now tons of new appliers. I  know Yikes! Don't worry though as ModaMia has all the latest appliers on her clothes. For those you do not know the newer appliers they are  WowMeh, Lena Lush, Tango, Perfect Body/bum, Ghetto Booty, Sking Dolly, Sking muscle mesh, omega, brazilia. I know I know that is a crazy amount right lol. Don't worry though because with all these crazy new thing you might wonder man this is going to take a lot of space in my inventory well guess what WRONG! Shania has made a multi purpose hud that has all appliers on it so all you need is her hud which comes with all outfits. Below is a picture of what the hud looks like!

Ok enough with all of that lol. Your probably wondering what the new outfits are or what is new with ModiaMia. Well I am going to share that with you now! First lets start with Erotigacha 2. Erotigacha 2 runs from August 1st to 16th.  Below is the information for Erotigacha 2:
Erotigacha is an Adult Gacha Fair, on an Adult sim, BUT items DO NOT HAVE to be adult themed (although some are!).

Where:  Hard Alley *

When:  August 1-16

SL Group for information, trading, but no selling:


Event Blog:

Participating Designers: (as of July 19)

Digital DeZines
The Spirit World
D&G Fashions
Faster Pussycat
Warm Animations
Sugar & Cyanide
Syn With Me
LVS and Co.
Scorpio13 Designs
Rack Poses
Always Creative
Serendipity Designs
!Chop Shop!
The Slut Shop
Pretty Kitty Design
Dew Me Furniture
Free Bird
Red Queen Designs
Rook Poses
Sassy Lovely
Vibe Inc.
Distorted Dreams
Flaws and All
Forever Fated
Wicked Peach
Can'dee May
Divalicious Designs
X-Clusives Animations
Elysian Arousal
QE Designs
Strokerz Toyz
Rule 34
Death Row Designs

What is Hard Alley?

Hard Alley was Second Life's first Urban Forced Fantasy Sim, and has been running strong for 8 years.  Our sim has many different themed areas that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

As you can see from above ModaMia is apart of this which is why I am blogging about it hahaha. However It looks like a great area and lots of fun so I challenge all of you to go to it! 

ModaMia Clothes

Now lets get to the Clothes of ModaMia and boy did she come out with a lot of new stuff since I been gone. I only got a few of her outfits but boy are they smoking hot! Just look below and check them out yourself!

These are only a few of the new stuff she is doing. Keep checking back as I get the others and update the blog for more clothes!

ModaMia Slink Shoes

Not only has she been busy with clothes but she is now making Slink shoes and they are super hot and super fun. I must say at first I had no idea what slink was so I had to go researching and finally found the slink feet. Of course being the awesome blogger I am I bought a pair and I have to say is WOW! As for the shoes just take a look below and see what I mean!